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Aesthetics of Revolution and Resistance: 21st-Century Images of North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean FREN30106 Module
African narratives of migration FREN30039 Module
Algeria and France: Memory and Migration in Text and Image FREN20059 Module
Around Cubism FREN30096 Module
Arts in Contemporary France FREN10028 Module
Before the Novel: experiments in prose narrative FREN20019 Module
Burning Books: Radicalism Before the Revolution FREN20065 Module
Challenging the Republic: France 1929-2009 FREN30103 Module
Comic Drama 1550 - 1789 FREN30052 Module
Contemporary French Cinema (1990s-present). FREN30100 Module
Crossing Borders: French and Maghrebi Cinemas FREN30105 Module
Culture, soft power and diplomatie d’influence: Exporting French culture from the 1870s to the present FREN30133 Module
Fiction of the July Revolution: Romanticism and Realism FREN30027 Module
France 1940-44: Occupation and Resistance FREN20037 Module
France and Europe FREN23013 Module
France and the Great War: A Cultural and Political History FREN20055 Module
France in Ferment 1870-1940 FREN20063 Module
France, Islam and Muslims: A Multi-Layered History FREN30083 Module
Francophone Belgian Culture: From Symbolism to bande dessinée FREN20064 Module
Francophone Identities in the Visual Arts FREN30099 Module
Francophone Women Directors: Documentary Filmmaking FREN30111 Module
French Cinema: Authorship, Form, Representation FREN20047 Module
French Cultures in Context FREN10030 Module
French Dialectology: Geographical Variation and Change in the Espace Francophone FREN30043 Module
French Drama FREN20026 Module
French Experimental Theatre FREN20013 Module
French Fiction: from Realism to the 21st Century FREN20048 Module
French for Business FREN30095 Module
French for Business and Enterprise FREN30047 Module
French for General Purposes Level 1 Grade 2 (post GCSE) LANG12022 Module
French for General Purposes Level 1 Grade 3 (post A'Level) LANG13022 Module
French for Medical Studies Level 1 Grade 1 LANG11302 Module
French for Medical Studies Level 1 Grade 1 (Ab Initio) UWLP20012 Module
French for Medical Studies Level 1 Grade 2 (post GCSE) UWLP10020 Module
French for Medical Studies Level 1 Grade 3 (post A' level) UWLP10021 Module
French for Specific Purposes Level 2 Grade 1 LANG21022 Module
French for Specific Purposes Level 2 Grade 2 LANG22022 Module
French Language FREN10029 Module
French Language 2 FREN20001 Module
French Language 2 for Single Honours FREN20066 Module
French Language 3 FREN30001 Module
French Language 3 for Single Honours FREN30116 Module
French Novel FREN20023 Module
From Old to Middle French FREN30031 Module
Gender and Sexuality in French Film FREN30097 Module
Genre, Stardom and Entertainment in French Cinema FREN20049 Module
Global French FREN10011 Module
Identity and Conflict: The Poetics and Politics of French Renaissance Writing FREN30012 Module
Intellectuals and the Media in France FREN30108 Module
Introduction to Francophone African Literature FREN20043 Module
Introduction to Francophone African Literature FREN20069 Module
Introduction to French Cinema FREN20056 Module
Introduction to French Renaissance Culture FREN20014 Module
Introduction to Medieval Literature FREN20042 Module
Journeys Through Poetry FREN20046 Module
Language for General Purposes - French Level 1, Grade 1 LANG11042 Module
Leadership in France FREN30107 Module
Les Miserables: Readings and Receptions FREN30030 Module
Literary Responses to the Hundred Years War FREN20050 Module
Literature and Political Activism FREN30071 Module
Me, Myself, and I: The Essais of Michel de Montaigne FREN30114 Module
Modern Critical Theory FREN20061 Module
Modern French Narrative FREN20039 Module
Paris 1857-1897 FREN20041 Module
Political Cultures of Early Twentieth-Century France FREN30044 Module
Propaganda, Politics, and the Islamic Other: Literary Responses to the Crusades FREN30117 Module
Race in France: Colonial and Postcolonial Perspectives FREN20038 Module
Racine and 17th-Century Tragedy FREN30061 Module
Reading Literary and Visual Cultures in French FREN10010 Module
Realism and Experiment FREN30092 Module
Representations of Francophone Cultures FREN10013 Module
Revolution, Theatre, and the Public Sphere, 1789-1799 FREN30110 Module
Revolutions in Fiction: Romanticism and Realism under the July Monarchy FREN30118 Module
Seeing, Hearing and Thinking the Cinema of Jean-Luc Godard FREN30109 Module
Shaping France FREN10032 Module
Shaping France FREN10008 Module
Surrealism: Pleasure and Provocation in 1920s Textual and Visual Culture FREN30040 Module
The Censor's Scissors, 1750-1830 FREN30112 Module
The Comic and Grotesque in Pre-Modern Culture FREN20060 Module
The Crusades and their Representation in French Literature of the Middle Ages FREN30098 Module
The Cultural Heritage of Historic Towns in France and Francophonia FREN30113 Module
The French Language: Structures and Varieties FREN20044 Module
The French Renaissance FREN30037 Module
The Third Republic: France 1870 - 1940 FREN20036 Module
Transnational Encounters in the Francophone World FREN30134 Module
Travel Writing in the Nineteenth Century FREN20058 Module
Victor Hugo and Nineteenth-Century France FREN20045 Module
War Stories: Representation and Memory of Conflict in France since World War One FREN30041 Module
What is an author? Fictions and theories FREN30045 Module
Women and Gender in Medieval French Literature (1150-1450) FREN20071 Module
Writing the Everyday FREN20057 Module
Year Abroad (Joint Honours) FREN20017 Module
Year Abroad (Modern Languages) FREN20016 Module
Year Abroad (Single Honours) FREN20015 Module

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