1. MHRA Style Guide, 3rd edition (2013)

    Document Essential Free online access to pdf of the current MHRA Style Guide

  2. MHRA style guide: a handbook for authors and editors - Brian Richardson, Modern Humanities Research Association 2013

    Book Essential MHRA is the referencing style you should use when formatting and presenting your written work for the Department of English.

  3. How to write essays and dissertations: a guide for English literature students - Nigel Fabb, Alan Durant, dawsonera 2005 (electronic resource)

    Book Essential The most reliable, accessible subject-specific guide.

  4. How to write your undergraduate dissertation - Bryan Greetham 2014

    Book Recommended A more general and generic guide than Fabb and Durant's How to Write Essays and Dissertations, but still sound on the basics.

  5. How to write critical essays: a guide for students of literature - David B. Pirie 1985

    Book Recommended Quite an old book now, but has a more literary-critical than pedagogical approach, which some of you will find more sympathetic.

  6. The handbook to literary research - Delia da Sousa Correa, W. R. Owens 2010

    Book Recommended Chapter 2 on using online and printed sources, and chapter 11 on 'Planning, writing and presenting a dissertation or thesis' are particularly useful.

  7. Literary research guide: an annotated listing of reference sources in English literary studies - James L. Harner 2008

    Book Further A serious and substantial postgraduate-level reference book which may help you track down more obscure sources

  8. The craft of research - Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, Joseph Bizup 2016

    Book Recommended The current edition of a classic guide to research.

  9. Your undergraduate dissertation: the essential guide for success - Nicholas Walliman 2014

    Book Further A popular and accessible guide, but thin on specifics for literary critical projects.

  10. "They say / I say": the moves that matter in academic writing - Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein 2014

    Book Recommended Very useful basic giude on academic writing and argument.

  11. Style: lessons in clarity and grace - Joseph Bizup, Joseph M. Williams, dawsonera 2014

    Book Further A classic guide to polishing your writing, and adapting it to different contexts and audiences.

  12. Plain English - Diané Collinson, Gillian Kirkup, Robin Kyd, Lynne Slocombe 1992

    Book Recommended Still one of the best short guides to improving your academic writing.

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