1. Essential Readings 5 items
    1. The intellectuals and the masses: pride and prejudice among the literary intelligentsia, 1880-1939 - John Carey 1992

      Book Essential Please read Chp.1:

    2. English pasts: essays in culture and history - Stefan Collini 1999

      Book Recommended

    3. After the great divide: modernism, mass culture, postmodernism - Andreas Huyssen 1988

      Book Essential Please read the introduction:

    4. Round Table: Modernism and its Others - Laura Tunbridge, Gianmario Borio, Peter Franklin, Christopher Chowrimootoo 02/01/2014

      Article Essential Please read: Christopher Chowrimootoo, “Reviving the Middlebrow, or: Deconstructing Modernism from the Inside”, Journal of the Royal Musical Association 139 (2014): 187-193.

  2. Further Readings 8 items
    1. The Cambridge Companion to Elgar - Daniel M. Grimley, Julian Rushton, Cambridge Collections Online (Online service) 2005 (electronic resource)


    2. Edward Elgar, Modernist - J. P. E. Harper-Scott, Cambridge Books Online (Online service) 2006 (electronic resource)


    3. Romantic moderns: English writers, artists and the imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper - Alexandra Harris 2010

      Book  The Prologue summarises the main arguments of the book. Once you've read this, you can dip in and out of a few other chapters of your choosing.

    4. Highbrow / lowbrow: the emergence of cultural hierarchy in America - Lawrence W. Levine 1988


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