1. Essential reading 1 item
    1. Discrete-event simulation and system dynamics for management decision making 2014

      Book Essential Important chapters are 2, 3, 10 & 11. If you look at nothing else make sure you have read and understood these four chapters in this book.

  2. Introduction to systems thinking - Kambiz E. Maani, R. Y. Cavana, Kambiz E. Maani 2009

    Book Recommended Useful for the systems thinking (diagramming & mapping) but not for formal system dynamics modelling.

  3. Multi-Stakeholder Decision Making: Systems Approach and Cases - Kambiz E. Maani 2015

    Book Recommended Useful for the systems thinking (diagramming & mapping) but not for formal system dynamics modelling.

  4. Computer Simulation in Management Science - Michael Pidd 2004

    Book Recommended Useful in that it covers both DES & SD in separate sections.

  5. System Dynamics Modeling with R - Jim Duggan 2016

    Book Further You are not required to learn the R programming language. Just study the examples of models.

  6. System Dynamics: Modelling and Simulation - Bilash Kanti Bala, Fatimah Mohamed Arshad, Kusairi Mohd Noh 2016

    Book Recommended Another (quite recent) text on system dynamics.

  7. Strategic modelling and business dynamics: a feedback systems approach - John D. W. Morecroft 2015

    Book Recommended Useful for looking at SD models as examples.

  8. Business dynamics: systems thinking and modeling for a complex world - John D. Sterman c2000

    Book Recommended A comprehensive text on Systems Thinking & System Dynamics. Can be used for an in-depth understanding if that is your aim e.g. you wish to enrol on an MSc in MS/OR.

  9. Systems thinking, system dynamics: managing change and complexity - Kambiz Maani, Robert Y. Cavana 2007

    Book Recommended As with the Morecroft book useful for looking at examples of SD models.

  10. Simulation: The Practice of Model Development and Use - Stewart Robinson 2014

    Book Recommended A fuller account of DES than he gives in the Brailsford, Churilov & Dangerfield book.

  11. An introduction to management science: quantitative approaches to decision making - David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas Arthur Williams, Mik Wisniewski 2017

    Book Essential You will be familiar with this text from Year 2. Useful for topics covered in the final two weeks of the AMS unit.

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