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Advanced Cell Biology BIOC30601 Module
Advanced Options in Biochemistry BIOC30600 Module
Biochemistry 1G General Biochemistry at a Cellular and Molecular Level BIOC10100 Module
Biochemistry Industrial Placement BIOC25000 Module
Biochemistry: Cellular Composition BIOC10003 Module
Biochemistry: Cellular Processes BIOC10004 Module
Biological Chemistry 1A: Molecules of Life BIOC10001 Module
Biological Chemistry 1B: Powering Biomolecular Interactions BIOC10002 Module
Biophysics and Molecular Life Sciences I BIOCM0008 Module
Biophysics and Molecular Life Sciences II BIOCM0009 Module
Cell Biology of Development and Disease BIOCM0019 Module
Cellular Information BIOC30602 Module
Core Skills BIOC30603 Module
Dissertation BIOCM0004 Module
Dissertation BIOCM0005 Module
Energy and Motion in Cells BIOC20202 Module
Extended Research Project BIOCM0015 Module
Gene expression and rearrangement MOLG22200 Module
Macromolecular Structure, Dynamics and Function BIOC20002 Module
Molecular Cell Biology BIOC20001 Module
MSc Core Skills BIOCM0001 Module
MSc Literary Project BIOCM0002 Module
MSc Project Proposal BIOCM0006 Module
Organisation and Communication in Cells BIOC20201 Module
Protein Assemblies and Molecular Machines BIOCM0018 Module
Recombinant DNA Technology MOLG22100 Module
Research and Communication Skills BIOC30001 Module
Research Project BIOC30003 Module
Research Training BIOC30002 Module
Science and Society BIOCM0016 Module
SWBio DTP: Core skills for Life Scientists BIOCM0012 Module
SWBio DTP: Rotation project 1 BIOCM0021 Module
SWBio DTP: Rotation project 2 BIOCM0020 Module
SWBio DTP: Science in Society, Business and Industry BIOCM0013 Module
SWBio DTP: Statistics and Bioinformatics BIOCM0010 Module
Synthetic Biology BIOCM0017 Module
The Dynamic Cell BIOCM0007 Module
The Dynamic Proteome BIOC30604 Module

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