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Acquisition of Behaviour BIOL20103 Module
Advanced Practical Skills BIOL30006 Module
Agricultural Biotechnology BIOL31129 Module
Behaviour and Ecology of Social Insects BIOL31133 Module
Behavioural Ecology BIOL20104 Module
Biology 1A: Diversity of Life BIOL11000 Module
Biology 1B: Life Processes BIOL12000 Module
Biology Project Execution BIOLM0021 Module
Brains, Behaviour and Evolution BIOL20019 Module
Cell and Developmental Biology BIOL20011 Module
Communicating Science BIOLM0012 Module
Communication and Cognition in Animal Societies BIOL30012 Module
Computational Methods in Biology BIOL20018 Module
Conservation Biology BIOL20401 Module
Core skills for Life Scientists BIOLM0007 Module
Current Topics in Biology BIOL10001 Module
Diversity of Life Part A: Exploring Lower Organisms BIOL10003 Module
Diversity of Life Part B: Exploring Higher Organisms and Communities BIOL10005 Module
Ecology BIOL20012 Module
Ecology: Theory and Practice BIOL31135 Module
Evolutionary Biology BIOL20212 Module
Evolutionary Ecology BIOL31136 Module
Field Course or Laboratory Workshop BIOL30001 Module
Flowering Plants BIOL31131 Module
Green Planet BIOL20013 Module
Host-Parasite Interactions BIOL31121 Module
Insect Biology BIOL20204 Module
Key Concepts for Biologists BIOL10002 Module
Life Processes Part A: Building A Cell BIOL10006 Module
Life Processes Part B: Building an Organism BIOL10004 Module
Literature Review BIOL30002 Module
Mammalian Ecology and Sociobiology BIOL31117 Module
Marine Ecology and Physiology BIOL21403 Module
Molecular Approaches to Biological Problems BIOL20004 Module
Molecular Biology of Plant Development BIOL31105 Module
Molecular Genetics BIOL20015 Module
Molecular Methodology for Biologists BIOL20005 Module
MSc Research Project Execution BIOLM0016 Module
MSc Research Project Planning BIOLM0011 Module
Neurobiology: from nerve cells to behaviour BIOL20102 Module
Neuroethology: neural mechanisms underlying behaviour BIOL31127 Module
Oceans BIOL30011 Module
Optimisation, Behaviour and Life Histories BIOL31134 Module
Parasite Biology BIOL20202 Module
Plant Disease BIOL20008 Module
Plant Environmental Adaptation BIOL30005 Module
Plant Evolution, Development and Diversity BIOL30007 Module
Plant Sciences Project Execution BIOLM0025 Module
Practical Project BIOL30202 Module
Practical Project BIOL31202 Module
Practical Project for Biology and Mathematics BIOL31208 Module
Principles of Agricultural Production and Sustainability BIOLM0014 Module
Professional Development BIOLM0024 Module
Professional Development for the Life Sciences BIOLM0015 Module
Project Planning BIOLM0023 Module
Quantitative Methods in Biology BIOL20001 Module
Research Project BIOLM0026 Module
Research Project Execution for MSci in Biology BIOLM0019 Module
Research Project Execution for MSci in Zoology BIOLM0018 Module
Research Project Planning for MSci in Biology/Zoology BIOLM0020 Module
Science and Success: Writing, Speaking and Communicating Science BIOL20017 Module
Science and Success: Writing, Speaking and Communicating Science BIOL20014 Module
Sensory Biology BIOL20016 Module
Sensory Ecology BIOL31132 Module
Sex and Society BIOLM0017 Module
Sex, Behaviour and Life Histories BIOL30013 Module
Social Evolution: Genes to Societies BIOL30003 Module
Staying Alive BIOLM0010 Module
Staying Alive: The Behaviour, Psychology and Ecology of Predator-Prey Interactions BIOL30010 Module
SWDTP Research project 1 BIOLM0009 Module
SWDTP Research project 2 BIOLM0008 Module
The Ecology of Food Production and the Farmed Landscape BIOL30009 Module
The Farm as a Natural System: Ecological Interactions and Agricultural Intensity BIOLM0013 Module
Tree of Life BIOL30004 Module
Understanding Data: Experimental Design and Statistics for Life Scientists BIOLM0006 Module
Zoology Project Execution BIOLM0022 Module

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