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Accountability and Accounting for Sustainability EFIMM0015 Module
Accounting / Finance Professional Placement Year EFIM30032 Module
Accounting and Capital Markets EFIMM0010 Module
Accounting and Finance ACFI Department
Accounting and Finance for Managers EFIM10030 Module
Accounting and Finance in Context EFIM10022 Module
Accounting and Finance in Healthcare Organisations EFIMM0087 Module
Accounting Theory, Scandals and Standards ECONM1016 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ECONM2032 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance EFIM30020 Module
Advanced Econometric Theory (QM6) ECON30392 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting EFIM30033 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting EFIMM0034 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics ECONM3023 Module
Advanced Management Accounting EFIM30003 Module
Advanced Management Science EFIM30013 Module
Advanced Microeconomics ECONM3024 Module
Advanced Microeconomics EFIM30009 Module
Advanced Topics in Finance ACCG30015 Module
Alternative Work and Organisations EFIMM0134 Module
Analysis in Management EFIM20018 Module
Analysis in Management EFIM10003 Module
Applied Econometrics (QM4) EFIM30006 Module
Applied Economics ECONM1008 Module
Applied Economics Dissertation EFIM30031 Module
Applied Economics Project (QM7) EFIM30005 Module
Applied Economics: Current Economic Problems ECON30065 Module
Applied Empirical Accounting and Finance EFIMM0047 Module
Applied Financial Econometrics EFIMM0127 Module
Applied Microeconomics EFIM20002 Module
Applied Public Policy Analysis ECONM1019 Module
Applied Quantitative Research Methods EFIM20010 Module
Applied Work-based Project MGRCM0008 Module
Asset Pricing ECONM2035 Module
Auditing EFIM30016 Module
Auditing and Assurance Services EFIMM0007 Module
Bank Management and Risk Management EFIMM0052 Module
Banking EFIMM0006 Module
Banking EFIM20032 Module
Banking Regulation and Financial Stability EFIMM0053 Module
Behavioural Decision Making EFIMM0138 Module
Behavioural Economics EFIM30027 Module
Behavioural Economics EFIMM0094 Module
Behavioural Finance EFIMM0016 Module
Behavioural Finance and Accounting EFIM30048 Module
Big Data in Marketing Intellegence EFIMM0059 Module
Brand Management EFIM30039 Module
Brands and Cultural Strategy EFIM30061 Module
Business Ethics (PT) MGRCM2403 Module
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility MGRCM2014 Module
Cases in Financial Management ECONM2021 Module
Challenges in Innovation and Enterprise EFIM00002 Module
Challenges in Innovation and Enterprise EFIM00001 Module
Communicating Economics EFIM30049 Module
Competitive Strategy EFIMM0107 Module
Consultancy Project EFIM30044 Module
Consumer Behaviour EFIMM0043 Module
Consumer Insight in a Connected World EFIM20027 Module
Consumption and Consumer Behaviour EFIM20046 Module
Contemporary and Emerging issues in marketing management EFIMM0153 Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting EFIMM0033 Module
Contemporary Issues in Marketing EFIMM0129 Module
Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management EFIMM0060 Module
Contemporary leadership challenges EFIMM0035 Module
Corporate Communication EFIM30015 Module
Corporate Finance EFIM20006 Module
Corporate Finance EFIMM0017 Module
Corporate Finance and Financial Statements ECONM2034 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability EFIMM0154 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability EFIM30012 Module
Creativity and Marketing EFIMM0061 Module
Creativity in Marketing EFIM30041 Module
Credit Risk EFIMM0009 Module
Credit Risk EFIMM0067 Module
Critical Issues in Strategy MGRCM0005 Module
Data Analysis Methods EFIM20035 Module
Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Business EFIM30051 Module
Data Analytics in Business EFIMM0141 Module
Data Science EFIM30038 Module
Data science for economics EFIMM0095 Module
Department of Management MGRC Department
Derivatives EFIM30028 Module
Derivatives ECONM3017 Module
Developing the Strategic Manager MGRCM1403 Module
Development Economics ECONM0003 Module
Digital Business EFIMM0113 Module
Digital Business & E-Commerce Management EFIMM0050 Module
Digital Innovation in Healthcare EFIMM0088 Module
Digital Marketing EFIM30060 Module
Digital Marketing EFIM20028 Module
Digital Marketing: Strategy, Tools and Tactics EFIMM0066 Module
Digitalisation, Big Data and Value Creation EFIMM0152 Module
Dissertation ECONM1018 Module
Dissertation EFIMM0014 Module
Dissertation MGRCM1002 Module
Dissertation (MSc A&F) EFIMM0077 Module
Dissertation (MSc AFM) EFIMM0078 Module
Dissertation (MSc Banking) EFIMM0079 Module
Dissertation (MSc E&F) EFIMM0081 Module
Dissertation (MSc EAF) EFIMM0082 Module
Dissertation (MSc Economics + Economics Pathways) EFIMM0080 Module
Dissertation (MSc EFM) EFIMM0083 Module
Dissertation (MSc F&I) EFIMM0084 Module
Dissertation (MSc SSRM) EFIMM0085 Module
Dissertation / Applied Extended Project EFIMM0065 Module
Dissertation in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management EFIMM0070 Module
Dissertation in Healthcare Management EFIMM0089 Module
Dissertation in Strategic Management MGRCM1404 Module
Dissertation MSc Man + Man () EFIMM0086 Module
Econometrics EFIM20011 Module
Econometrics ECONM1022 Module
Econometrics 2 EFIM20036 Module
Econometrics beyond the mean EFIMM0096 Module
Economic Data EFIM10016 Module
Economic History EFIM20017 Module
Economic History EFIM30058 Module
Economic Principles 1 EFIM10010 Module
Economic Principles 1 (E) EFIM10018 Module
Economic Principles 2 EFIM10007 Module
Economic Principles 2 (E) EFIM10019 Module
Economics EFIMM0108 Module
Economics ECON Department
Economics 1 EFIM10025 Module
Economics 2 EFIM10027 Module
Economics for Finance and Management ECONM1014 Module
Economics of Developing Countries ECON30071 Module
Economics of Education EFIMM0042 Module
Effective Marketing Communications EFIMM0062 Module
Electronic Commerce EFIMM0019 Module
Empirical Accounting and Finance EFIMM0093 Module
Empirical Finance EFIMM0046 Module
Empirical Industrial Organisation EFIMM0097 Module
Enquiry, Analysis and Communication EFIM10021 Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship ECONM2036 Module
Entrepreneurial and Small Business Marketing EFIMM0063 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Business EFIM30043 Module
Environmental Economics EFIM30004 Module
Finance EFIMM0125 Module
Finance and Accounting ECONM1007 Module
Finance and Accounting for Management ECONM1015 Module
Financial Accounting EFIM20007 Module
Financial Accounting 1 EFIM10002 Module
Financial Accounting 2 EFIM20001 Module
Financial Crises EFIM30018 Module
Financial Management MGRCM2406 Module
Financial Management EFIMM0115 Module
Financial Markets EFIM30019 Module
Financial Markets and Corporate Finance ACCG30014 Module
Financial Markets and Corporate Policy ECONM2033 Module
Financial Markets and Investments EFIMM0110 Module
Financial Markets and Investments EFIMM0018 Module
Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments EFIM10029 Module
Financial Modelling EFIMM0049 Module
Financial Reporting ACCG30012 Module
Financial Reporting ECONM0001 Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis EFIMM0030 Module
Financial Statement Analysis ACFI30002 Module
Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation ECONM2027 Module
Foundations of Econometric Theory (QM5) ECON21356 Module
Foundations of Finance and Economics EFIM01000 Module
Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance 1 EFIM10005 Module
Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance 2 EFIM10006 Module
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance EFIMM0029 Module
Further Econometrics EFIMM0040 Module
Further Macroeconomics EFIMM0039 Module
Global Business Environment EFIM10012 Module
Global Production, Work and Employment EFIM30037 Module
Global Supply Chain Management EFIMM0074 Module
Globalisation and Development ECON10053 Module
Growth and Development ECON20023 Module
Growth, Trade and Development ECONM0004 Module
Growth, Trade and Structural Change ECONM3002 Module
Health Economics EFIMM0038 Module
History of Economic Thought ECON20021 Module
Human Resource Management in the Global Economy EFIMM0131 Module
Industrial and Managerial Economics EFIMM0031 Module
Industrial Economics ECON30076 Module
Industrial Economics EFIMM0008 Module
Information and Innovation MGRCM0009 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications EFIM20029 Module
Intermediate Economics 1 EFIM20008 Module
Intermediate Economics 1 (E) EFIM20023 Module
Intermediate Economics 1 with Extended Essay EFIM30022 Module
Intermediate Economics 2 EFIM20009 Module
Intermediate Economics 2 with Extended Essay EFIM30023 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics ECON22134 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics EFIM20034 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics ECON21133 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics EFIM20033 Module
International Business EFIMM0003 Module
International Business Management EFIM20003 Module
International Business Management EFIM2003 Module
International Economics ECON30074 Module
International Economics and Finance EFIMM0098 Module
International Employment Relations and Governance EFIMM0132 Module
International Finance ECON30072 Module
International Finance ECONM2031 Module
International Finance EFIM30026 Module
International Financial Accounting ECONM2028 Module
International Financial Reporting EFIMM0122 Module
International Human Resource Management EFIM30024 Module
International Human Resource Management EFIMM0157 Module
International Macroeconomics EFIM30029 Module
International Management EFIMM0013 Module
Introducing Strategic Management EFIMM0114 Module
Introduction to Accounting ACCG10052 Module
Introduction to Business and Economic Forecasting ECONM2038 Module
Introduction to Development Economics EFIMM0004 Module
Introduction to Management EFIM10015 Module
Introduction to Public Management EFIM20004 Module
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences EFIMM0102 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences EFIMM0101 Module
Introduction to the microeconomic foundations of banking EFIMM0051 Module
Investment Management ECONM2030 Module
Issues in Consumer Marketing and Innovation EFIM20045 Module
Labour Economics EFIMM0041 Module
Labour Economics ECON30075 Module
Law and Economics ECONM2037 Module
Leadership MGRCM2407 Module
Leadership MGRCM0002 Module
Leadership EFIMM0012 Module
Leadership EFIMM0069 Module
Leadership and Management in Healthcare EFIMM0090 Module
Leading Through Complexity MGRCM0006 Module
Macro 3 - Macroeconomics with an Extended Essay ECON30002 Module
Macroeconomic Analysis EFIM20037 Module
Macroeconomic Theory and Policy ECON30077 Module
Macroeconomics ECONM1011 Module
Macroeconomics with Extended Essay EFIM30053 Module
Management ECONM1013 Module
Management EFIMM0112 Module
Management EFIM10011 Module
Management Accounting ACCG20011 Module
Management Accounting EFIMM0048 Module
Management Accounting for Strategy EFIM30035 Module
Management Consultancy EFIM30064 Module
Management Dissertation EFIM30017 Module
Management of Knowledge and Information MGRCM2617 Module
Management Reflection and Development in Practice EFIM20031 Module
Management Research Methods EFIM20025 Module
Management Science EFIM20005 Module
Managerial Economics ECONM2015 Module
Marketing MGRCM2408 Module
Marketing EFIM20013 Module
Marketing and New Product Development EFIM20030 Module
Marketing for Social Impact EFIM30046 Module
Marketing Management MGRCM2015 Module
Markets and Marketing EFIM10017 Module
Mathematical and Statistical Methods 1 EFIM10008 Module
Mathematical and Statistical Methods 1 (E) EFIM10020 Module
Mathematical and Statistical Methods 2 EFIM10009 Module
Mathematics for Economics EFIM10023 Module
Micro 3 - Microeconomics with an Extended Essay ECON30001 Module
Microeconometrics ECONM3021 Module
Microeconomic Analysis EFIM20038 Module
Microeconomics ECONM1010 Module
Microeconomics with Extended Essay EFIM30052 Module
Modelling Analytics EFIMM0142 Module
MRes Econometrics 1 EFIMM0021 Module
MRes Econometrics 2 EFIMM0022 Module
MRes in Economics - Dissertation EFIMM0025 Module
MRes Macroeconomics 1 EFIMM0020 Module
MRes Macroeconomics 2 EFIMM0026 Module
MRes Mathematics for Economics EFIMM0023 Module
MRes Microeconomics 1 EFIMM0028 Module
MRes Microeconomics 2 EFIMM0027 Module
MRes Research Methods in Economics EFIMM0024 Module
Negotiation MGRCM2402 Module
Operations and Marketing Management EFIMM0148 Module
Operations Management EFIM30014 Module
Operations Management MGRCM2017 Module
Organisation Theory EFIM10013 Module
Organisation Theory EFIM20014 Module
Organisation Theory EFIM20026 Module
Organisational Behaviour MGRCM2012 Module
Organisational Behaviour EFIMM0117 Module
Organisational Complexity EFIMM0036 Module
Organisational Creativity MGRCM1000 Module
Organisational Creativity and Innovation (PT) MGRCM2410 Module
Organisational Economics ECONM0005 Module
Organisations and Incentives EFIMM0106 Module
Organizational Crime and Corruption EFIM30047 Module
People, Work and Organisations EFIM20022 Module
Personnel Economics ECONM2018 Module
Philosophy and Research Design in Social Sciences EFIMM0100 Module
Policy Experiments EFIMM0037 Module
Portfolio Management EFIM30021 Module
Principles of Economics EFIM10050 Module
Principles of Finance EFIM20044 Module
Principles of Financial Intermediation EFIMM0054 Module
Principles of Management ECON22650 Module
Probability, Statistics and Econometrics EFIM10024 Module
Programme Evaluation ECONM0002 Module
Project Management EFIM20015 Module
Project Management EFIMM0156 Module
Project Management MGRCM2028 Module
Project Management and Systems Thinking MGRCM0007 Module
Public Economics EFIM30034 Module
Public Finance and Monetary Policy EFIMM0099 Module
Public Management EFIM20019 Module
Public Organisation ECONM1020 Module
QM3 Econometrics ECON20020 Module
Qualitative Research Methods EFIMM0092 Module
Quantitative Analysis in Management EFIM10014 Module
Quantitative Finance ECONM2029 Module
Quantitative Methods 1: Mathematics and Computing for Economics and Finance ECON11122 Module
Quantitative Methods 2: Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics ECON12122 Module
Quantitative Methods for Accounting and Finance EFIMM0091 Module
Quantitative Methods for Economics, Finance and Management ECONM1012 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance 1 EFIM20041 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance and Investment EFIMM0005 Module
Re-thinking Change, Systems and Organisation EFIMM0126 Module
Realising Strategy MGRCM1405 Module
Research Design and Qualitative Research Methods in A&F EFIMM0032 Module
Research for a Sustainable Society EFIMM0044 Module
Research Methods and Marketing Metrics EFIMM0057 Module
Research Methods for Accounting, Finance and Management EFIMM0121 Module
Research Methods in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management EFIMM0071 Module
Researching Human Resource Management and the Future of Work EFIMM0135 Module
Researching Organisations, Institutions and Management EFIMM0045 Module
Risk and Return EFIM10028 Module
Services Marketing EFIM30045 Module
Social Accounting EFIM30036 Module
Social Media Management EFIM30042 Module
Social Media Marketing: the good, the bad and the ugly EFIMM0064 Module
Strategic Brand Management EFIMM0055 Module
Strategic Development in the Public Sector MGRCM2412 Module
Strategic Finance EFIM20024 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management MGRCM2011 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management (PT) MGRCM2401 Module
Strategic Management ECON30083 Module
Strategic Management EFIMM0068 Module
Strategic Management MGRCM1001 Module
Strategic Management ECONM2025 Module
Strategic Management Accounting ECONM2024 Module
Strategic Management Accounting EFIMM0119 Module
Strategic Operations Management EFIMM0072 Module
Strategy EFIM30030 Module
Strategy and Finance and Accounting for Management EFIMM0146 Module
Strategy and Organisations MGRCM0001 Module
Strategy and Strategic Management MGRCM1402 Module
Strategy Dynamics and Practice EFIMM0011 Module
Studying Management ECONM1023 Module
Supply Chain Analytics & Projects EFIMM0073 Module
Supply Chain Technology and Digitalisation EFIMM0075 Module
Sustainability and Ethics in Global Supply Chains EFIMM0076 Module
Sustainability and Social Impact in Marketing EFIMM0056 Module
Taxation EFIM20012 Module
The Context of Strategic Management MGRCM1401 Module
The Digital Economy EFIM30040 Module
The Economy EFIM10026 Module
The Practice of Management EFIM30007 Module
Time Series Econometrics ECONM3022 Module
Topics in Development Economics ECONM3003 Module
Understanding Change and Uncertainty MGRCM0004 Module
Understanding Customers, Consumers and Markets EFIMM0058 Module
Work in Capitalist Society: Change and Continuity EFIMM0133 Module
Year Abroad ECON20001 Module
Year Abroad EFIM20016 Module
Year Abroad in Economics and Politics EFIM20020 Module
Year Abroad in Philosophy and Economics EFIM20021 Module

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