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Advanced Earth Sciences Fieldwork EASCM0051 Module
Advanced Fieldwork EASCM0044 Module
Advanced Geophysics Fieldwork EASCM0048 Module
Advanced Igneous Petrology EASCM0049 Module
Advanced Tectonics Fieldwork EASCM0052 Module
Advanced Vertebrate Palaeobiology and Biomechanics EASCM0055 Module
Analytical Geochemistry EASC20038 Module
Applied Geophysics EASC20042 Module
Applied Hydrogeology EASC30061 Module
Aqueous Geochemistry EASCM0045 Module
Atmospheric Processes EASC20027 Module
Basins & Reservoirs EASC30072 Module
Biomechanics and Functional Morphology EASCM0024 Module
Climates and Ecosystems EASC30058 Module
Communication Skills in Palaeobiology EASC20040 Module
Computing for Earth Scientists EASC10007 Module
Current Controversies in Palaeobiology and Macroevolution EASCM0001 Module
Current Topics in Volcanology EASCM0054 Module
Earth Science Research Project EASCM0010 Module
EASC10014: Our Habitable Planet EASC10014 Module
Economic Geology EASC30044 Module
Environment Earth EASC10004 Module
Environmental Field Analysis EASCM0023 Module
Environmental Geochemistry EASC20011 Module
Environmental Geoscience 1 EASC10002 Module
Environmental Geoscience Field Skills EASC20018 Module
Environmental Geoscience Fieldwork EASC30029 Module
Environmental Geoscience Research Project EASC30040 Module
Environmental Impact Assessment EASC30060 Module
Environmental Radioactivity EASC30050 Module
Evolution of the Biosphere EASC30008 Module
Evolutionary Palaeoecology in the field EASC30070 Module
Formation and Evolution of the Terrestrial Planets EASCM1017 Module
Frontiers in Earth Science EASCM0016 Module
Geobiology EASC20024 Module
Geochemistry EASC20010 Module
Geochemistry 1 EASC20043 Module
Geology 1 EASC10001 Module
Geology Field Skills EASC20017 Module
Geology Fieldwork EASC30006 Module
Geology for Research Palaeobiologists EASCM0037 Module
Geomicrobiology EASC30051 Module
Geophysical Data Analysis and Modelling EASC30054 Module
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics EASCM0025 Module
Geophysics Research Project EASC30056 Module
Global Geophysics EASC30064 Module
Global Seismology EASC30063 Module
Global Tectonics and Geodynamics EASC30053 Module
Hydrogeology EASC30065 Module
Hydrogeology and Contaminant Transport EASC30046 Module
Igneous Petrology EASC30057 Module
Imaging and Mapping the Earth EASC20034 Module
Independent Development of Environmental Geoscience Skills I EASC20030 Module
Independent Development of Environmental Geoscience Skills II EASC30049 Module
Independent Development of Geology Skills EASC30059 Module
Independent Development of Geology Skills EASC20046 Module
Independent development of geology skills I EASC20028 Module
Independent Development of Geology Skills II EASC30041 Module
Independent Field Project EASC30022 Module
Introduction to Field Mapping EASC20029 Module
Introduction to Field Skills in Earth Sciences EASC10008 Module
Literature Review EASCM0034 Module
Literature Review (Volcanology) EASCM0042 Module
Macroevolution EASC30066 Module
Mapping, Tectonics and Remote Sensing EASC20045 Module
Marine Micropalaeontology EASC30067 Module
Mesozoic stratigraphy and palaeontology fieldwork EASC20026 Module
Micropalaeontology EASCM0040 Module
Mineral Resources EASC30075 Module
Mineralogy and Petrology EASC20035 Module
Mineralogy and Petrology of the Deep Earth EASCM0047 Module
Modelling Volcanic Activity EASCM0053 Module
Natural Hazards in Central America EASCM1008 Module
Natural Hazards in Central America (without fieldwork) EASCM0050 Module
Near-surface Geophysics Fieldwork EASC30055 Module
Numerical Methods and Programming EASC20041 Module
Oceanography EASC30017 Module
Palaeobiology EASC20044 Module
Palaeobiology Analytical Project EASC30048 Module
Petroleum Geophysics EASC20036 Module
Petroleum Sedimentology EASC30024 Module
Phylogenetic Methods in Palaeobiology EASCM0035 Module
Phylogenetics Methods & Research EASC30069 Module
Physical and Chemical Geodynamics EASC30045 Module
Physical Volcanology EASC30062 Module
Physical Volcanology and Geological Flows EASC30047 Module
Physics and Chemistry for Earth Scientists EASC10006 Module
Physics of Volcanoes and Hazardous Flows EASCM1015 Module
Planet Earth EASC10003 Module
Research Methods in Palaeobiology EASCM0038 Module
Research Methods in Volcanology EASCM0041 Module
Scientific Communication EASCM0003 Module
Sedimentology EASC20007 Module
Seismology EASCM0018 Module
Soils and Environmental Analysis EASC20032 Module
Soils and the Critical Zone EASC20037 Module
Structural Geology EASC20006 Module
Study Abroad EASC30036 Module
The Cambrian Explosion - the origin of animal body plans EASC30052 Module
Thesis (MSc Palaeobiology) EASCM1016 Module
Thesis (Volcanology) EASCM0043 Module
Tracing and Observing the Earth System (10cps) EASCM0039 Module
Vertebrate Palaeobiology and Biomechanics EASC30068 Module
Vertebrate Palaeobiology and Evolution EASCM0036 Module
Volcanic Hazards: Observation, Modelling and Geographical Information Systems EASCM0046 Module

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