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Advanced Quantitative Research project GEOGM0025 Module
Advanced Topics in Critical Political Economy GEOG30009 Module
Affect, Technology and Biopolitics GEOGM1412 Module
An Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing for Environmental Policy and Management GEOGM0013 Module
Big Data & Society GEOGM0022 Module
Catchment Science: Hydrology, Ecology and Management GEOG30013 Module
Climate Change MSc Research Project GEOGM0009 Module
Climate Change: Science and Impacts GEOGM1405 Module
Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies GEOG30010 Module
Consultancy Project GEOGM0029 Module
Contemporary Debates in Human Geography GEOGM1402 Module
Convincing stories? Numbers as evidence in the social sciences UNIV10002 Module
Corporate Environmental Management GEOGM1406 Module
Cryosphere 2 GEOG25040 Module
Cryosphere 3 GEOG35200 Module
Cryosphere 4 GEOGM1101 Module
Decolonising Environments GEOGM0036 Module
Dissertation GEOGM1007 Module
Dissertation GEOG30001 Module
Dissertation GEOGM0034 Module
Dissertation (with Quantitative Research Methods) (Geography) GEOG30007 Module
Dissertation and Research Design GEOGM0042 Module
Earth System Modeling GEOGM0030 Module
Environmental Change 2 GEOG25060 Module
Environmental Change 3: Warm Climates GEOG35240 Module
Environmental Change 4 GEOGM1110 Module
Environmental Impacts and Policy GEOG35600 Module
Environmental Policy and Politics GEOGM1409 Module
Environmental Risks, Management and Policy GEOG30015 Module
Ethnicity, Class and Housing in the City GEOG30020 Module
Experimental Geographical Methods: Practicing Posthumanism in Social Research GEOGM0020 Module
Explanation, Causation and Longitudinal Analysis GEOGM0024 Module
Extended Research Project GEOGM0110 Module
Extended Review Essay GEOG30003 Module
Extreme Climates of the past GEOG30017 Module
Floods, Flows and Erosion in River Basins GEOG20002 Module
Fundamentals of Modern Glaciology GEOG20004 Module
Future Climates GEOG30016 Module
Geographic Data Science GEOG30021 Module
Geographical History, Thought and Practices GEOG10002 Module
Geographical Methods 1 GEOG15040 Module
Geographical Practices 1 GEOG15030 Module
Geographies of Food GEOG30011 Module
Geographies of Health, Science and Technology GEOGM0040 Module
Geographies of Knowledge: Nazi and Jewish Academics GEOGM0019 Module
Geographies of Nature and Environment GEOG20015 Module
Geographies of the Anthropocene GEOG30012 Module
Geographies of Time and Timing GEOGM0800 Module
Geography with Study in Continental Europe GEOG35000 Module
Group Research Project GEOG20009 Module
Historical and Cultural 3 GEOG30004 Module
Human Geography GEOG15020 Module
Hydrological Modelling GEOGM0200 Module
Hydrosphere 2 GEOG25050 Module
Hydrosphere 3 GEOG35220 Module
Ice and Ocean in the Global Carbon Cycle GEOG30014 Module
Introduction to Earth System Modelling GEOGM1404 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Geography GEOG10004 Module
Journeying: Discovering the World, Creating Ourselves GEOG16002 Module
Key Concepts in Human and Physical Geography GEOG10003 Module
Mathematics and Programming Skills for Social Scientists GEOGM0032 Module
Migration and Development GEOG30018 Module
Mobility and Migration GEOGM1414 Module
More-than-Human Geographies: Animal Geographies & Cultures of Nature GEOG20006 Module
More-than-Human-Geographies: Ecological Imaginaries & Animal Geographies GEOG20001 Module
MSc Literature review with report and presentation GEOGM0008 Module
Past and Future Climate Simulation GEOGM1403 Module
People and Planet GEOG35500 Module
Philosophy, Social Theory and Geography GEOG25110 Module
Physical Geography GEOG15010 Module
Political Ecology GEOG30005 Module
Political Economy 2: State, Economy and Society GEOG20110 Module
Political Economy 3 GEOG36000 Module
Postcolonial Matters GEOGM0028 Module
Practical Statistics for Use in Research and Policy GEOGM0010 Module
Progress Unit GEOG19000 Module
Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography GEOGM0041 Module
Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography GEOG20007 Module
Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography GEOG23350 Module
Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography GEOG20012 Module
Quantifying Climate Risks GEOGM0045 Module
Research Design Methods & Skills in the Social Sciences GEOGM0035 Module
Research Methods in Physical Geography GEOG25020 Module
Research Methods in Physical Geography GEOG20011 Module
Research Methods in Physical Geography GEOG20008 Module
Research Project and Study Skills GEOG30002 Module
Researching and Communicating Climate Science GEOGM0039 Module
Researching Society and Space GEOGM0002 Module
Researching Society and Space: Hermeneutics, Genealogy and Critical Theory GEOGM0021 Module
Sea Level past, present and future GEOG30008 Module
Spatial data analysis, spatial regression modelling and GIS in R GEOGM0023 Module
Spatial Modelling 2 GEOG25010 Module
Spatial Modelling 3: Multilevel Modelling GEOG35260 Module
State, Economy and Society in Geographical Perspective GEOG20005 Module
Study Abroad GEOG30006 Module
Study and Field Skills B GEOG25070 Module
Study and Field Skills C GEOG25150 Module
Study and Field Skills D GEOG20010 Module
Supervised Individual Study GEOGM0033 Module
Sustainability, Risk and Resilience in the Urban Age GEOGM0037 Module
The Earth System GEOG20003 Module
The Malthus Wars: Debating Population, Resources and the Environment GEOG30019 Module
Theorizing Society and Space GEOGM0001 Module
Urban Geography – a focus on Africa GEOG30022 Module
Urbanisation and Global Development GEOGM0018 Module
Violent Environments: Warscapes, weaponizing nature, and the geography of violent conflict GEOGM0017 Module
World in Crisis? GEOG16001 Module

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