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Approaches to Fiction Writing 1 short course HUMS10008 Module
Approaches to Fiction Writing 2 short course HUMS10005 Module
Approaches to Fiction Writing 3 short course HUMS10006 Module
Beyond the Battlefield: Environment and Conflict HUMS30002 Module
Beyond the Battlefield: Environment and Conflict HUMSM0001 Module
Classics & Ancient History CLAS Department
Creative Dissertation ENGLM0077 Module
Decolonise the Future! HUMS10012 Module
Dissertation/Practice-led Project (Medieval Studies) AFACM0010 Module
English ENGL Department
English and History Dissertation HUMS30003 Module
English and History Practice-Based Dissertation HUMS30004 Module
Fairy Tales Across Borders MODL20029 Module
History HIST Department
History of Art HART Department
History of the Book AFACM0012 Module
Home and Homeland 1 short course HUMS10003 Module
Home and Homeland 2 short course HUMS10001 Module
Humanities Professional Skills Development HUMS20001 Module
In Other Worlds short course HUMS10004 Module
Introduction to Digital Humanities HUMS20006 Module
Introduction to Environmental Humanities HUMSM0010 Module
Introduction to Medieval Latin AFACM0013 Module
Introduction to the Medical Humanities HUMS20004 Module
Mastering English Literature Short Course HUMS10009 Module
Modern European Art HUMS30006 Module
Placement (Medieval Studies) AFACM0011 Module
Reading Short Stories short course HUMS10002 Module
Religion and Theology THRS Department
Representations: (Re)-Making the World HUMS10011 Module
Study Abroad/ Erasmus HUMS20002 Module
The Age of the Anthropocene HUMS20005 Module
The Business of the Humanities HUMS20003 Module
The Public Role of the Humanities HUMSM0002 Module
The Public Role of the Humanities HUMS30001 Module
This is (not) my America HUMS10014 Module
Tools for Creative Writing short course HUMS10007 Module

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