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Advanced Immunology PANM33001 Module
Bench to Bedside and Beyond PANM20005 Module
Biostatistics (TTS-D1) PANMM0020 Module
Cancer Biology PANMM0014 Module
Cancer Mechanisms and Therapeutics PANM33004 Module
Cellular and Molecular Medicine Industrial Placement PANM20004 Module
Cellular and Molecular Pathology PANM22042 Module
Clinical Transfusion and Transplantation (TTS-B2) PANMM0019 Module
Developmental Genetics and Embryonal Cancers PANM33003 Module
Disease and Defence PANM10002 Module
Frontiers in Infectious Diseases PANM30001 Module
Fundamentals of Molecular Microbiology PANM10003 Module
Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation PANM33006 Module
Immunopathology and Applied Immunology PANM33002 Module
Infection and Immunity PANM22041 Module
Infection, Immunology and Immunity PANMM0015 Module
Introduction to Microbiology PANM12041 Module
Medical Microbiology PANM33008 Module
Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases PANM10001 Module
Medical Virology PANM33009 Module
Microbes and Disease PANM12042 Module
Normal and Tumour Cells PANM12051 Module
Pathological Responses of Cells PANM12052 Module
Pathology and Microbiology Industrial Placement PANM20101 Module
Pathology of Transfusion and Transplantation Science (TTS-A2) PANMM0017 Module
Provision of Blood, Cells, Tissues and Organs (TTS-B1) PANMM0018 Module
Regenerative Medicine PANM33005 Module
Research and Laboratory Management (TTS-D2) PANMM0021 Module
Research Methods and Biostatistics (TTS-D1) PANMM0012 Module
Research Methods and Biostatistics (TTS-D2) PANMM0013 Module
Research Project (TTS-E) PANMM0005 Module
Research Skills PANM33011 Module
Transfusion and Transplantation Science (TTS-A1) PANMM0016 Module
Transfusion and Transplantation Science in Action 1 (TTS-C1) PANMM0010 Module
Transfusion and Transplantation Science in Action 2 (TTS-C2) PANMM0011 Module

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