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Advanced Creative Communication PHPHM0014 Module
Biomedical Sciences Lab Summer Programme PHPH10016 Module
Brain and Behaviour PHPH30016 Module
Brain and behaviour (Unit 3A) PHYY32113 Module
Cardiovascular Research PHPHM0005 Module
Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease PHPH30020 Module
Cellular Physiology PHPH20013 Module
Central Nervous System PHPH10007 Module
Concepts and Skills PHPH30007 Module
Concepts and Skills (pharmacology) PHPH30005 Module
Developmental and Cellular Physiology of the Specialised Cell PHPH20010 Module
Extended Research Project PHPHM0016 Module
Extended Research Project Planning PHPHM0013 Module
Functional Neuroanatomy PHPH10013 Module
Fundamentals of Body Function PHPH10014 Module
Grant Proposal (Neuroscience) PHPHM0004 Module
Grant Proposal (Physiology) PHPHM0003 Module
Ideas and Enterprise PHPHM0015 Module
Integrative Physiology PHPH20008 Module
Introduction to Industrial study PHPH30024 Module
Introduction to Industrial study PHPH30001 Module
Introduction to Neuroscience PHPH10012 Module
Let's go with the flow, the urinary tract from beginning to end PHPH30023 Module
Mechanisms of Drug Action PHPH10015 Module
Mechanisms of Drug Action 1A PHPH10005 Module
Mechanisms of Drug Action 1B PHPH10006 Module
Mechanisms of Drug Action 2B: Pharmacology of Body Systems PHPH20014 Module
Molecular Neuroscience PHPH30011 Module
Neurological and Psychiatric disorders (Unit 4D) PHPH30013 Module
Neurophysiology PHPH20009 Module
Neuroscience PHPHM0006 Module
Neuroscience of Pain PHPH30017 Module
Neuroscience of pain (Unit 4A) PHYY32115 Module
New Horizons in Medicine PHPH30021 Module
Pharmacology PHPHM0007 Module
Pharmacology 1A PHPH10003 Module
Pharmacology 1B PHPH10004 Module
Pharmacology 2B - Pharmacology of body systems PHAR20007 Module
Pharmacology of ion channels and synaptic transmission PHPH30002 Module
Pharmacology of the Nervous System PHPH30004 Module
Pharmacology Research project PHPH30006 Module
Pharmacology Research proposal PHPHM0002 Module
Physiology 1A PHPH10017 Module
Physiology 1B PHPH10018 Module
Physiology for biomedical engineering MSc PHPH10008 Module
Principles of Pharmacology 2A - Pharmacology of the Nervous System PHPH20011 Module
Principles of Pharmacology 2B - Pharmacology of Body Systems PHPH20012 Module
Receptor signalling and non-drug therapies PHPH30003 Module
Research Project PHPH30009 Module
Sensational Neuroscience PHPH30018 Module
Study in Industry Project (Honours Level) PHPH30014 Module
Study in Industry Project (M level) PHPHM0012 Module
Study in Industry Project (M level) PHPHM0001 Module
Synaptic Cell Biology PHPH30022 Module
Synaptic plasticity PHPH30010 Module
Techniques in Neuroscience PHPH20007 Module
The Central Nervous System PHPH20003 Module
The Future of Molecular Medicine PHPH30015 Module
The future of molecular therapy (Unit 3B) PHYY32114 Module
The Heart in Health & Disease PHPH30019 Module
Understanding Body Function PHPH10009 Module
Understanding Body Function A PHPH10010 Module
Understanding Body Function B PHPH10011 Module
Unit 2 - Concepts and Techniques for In Vivo Research PHARM0006 Module
Unit 3 - Advanced Research Skills PHPHM0008 Module
Unit 5 - Research Project PHARM0005 Module

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