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Advanced Computational Physics PHYSM0032 Module
Advanced Nanophysics PHYSM3411 Module
Advanced Quantum Physics PHYSM3416 Module
Advanced Tools for Nanoscience PHYSM3401 Module
Air Water Fire Earth 301 PHYS31010 Module
Analytical Mechanics PHYS30008 Module
Applied Quantum Theory PHYSM0041 Module
Biophysics 321 PHYS31211 Module
CDT Group Project PHYSM0036 Module
Chemical Physics Research Project PHYSM3408 Module
Classical Physics 203 PHYS21030 Module
Classical Physics I: Thermal Physics, Oscillations and Mechanics PHYS20007 Module
Classical Physics II: Electromagnetism and Waves PHYS20020 Module
Communicating Science PHYS10001 Module
Communication and Management Skills PHYSM0002 Module
Computational Physics 301 PHYS38012 Module
Condensed Matter 410 - Magnetism and Superconductivity PHYSM1000 Module
Condensed Matter Physics 311 PHYS31111 Module
Contextualisation PHYSM0005 Module
Core Physics 303 PHYS30030 Module
Core Physics I: Classical, Quantum and Thermal Physics PHYS10012 Module
Core Physics I:Mechanics and Matter PHYS10006 Module
Core Physics II: Oscillations, Waves and Fields PHYS10005 Module
Cosmology 201 PHYS24010 Module
Current Topics in Physics PHYSM3407 Module
Device Fabrication and Physical Characterisation (Core lectures II) PHYSM0008 Module
Environmental Physics PHYS30027 Module
Essential Maths for Physics PHYS11400 Module
Exploratory Research Projects PHYSM0014 Module
Exploratory Training Assignments PHYSM3402 Module
Exploratory Training Project I PHYSM0034 Module
Exploratory Training Project II PHYSM0033 Module
Extended Project PHYSM3403 Module
Foundations of Modern Physics PHYSM0023 Module
Foundations of Physics PHYS00001 Module
Functional Nanomaterials Lecture Course PHYSM0004 Module
Fundamentals of Nuclear Science PHYSM0028 Module
Galaxies 301 PHYS34011 Module
Galaxies and the Universe PHYS11500 Module
General Relativity and Cosmology PHYSM1900 Module
Group Problem Solving PHYSM0010 Module
Group Project PHYSM0026 Module
Group Work 301 PHYS38013 Module
High Energy Astrophysics 301 PHYS34012 Module
Individual Research Project PHYSM0027 Module
Industrial Experience with Distance Learning PHYS30028 Module
Industrial Group Project PHYS30007 Module
Industrial Placement PHYS39002 Module
Industrial Placement with Distance Learning PHYSM0003 Module
Industrial Training Module PHYSM3404 Module
Interface Analysis Centre IFAC Unit
International mentoring PHYS30024 Module
Introduction to Computational Physics PHYS30009 Module
Introduction to Nuclear Physics PHYSM0039 Module
Introductory Mathematics for Physics PHYS10009 Module
Journal Club PHYSM0009 Module
Magnetism and Superconductivity PHYSM0038 Module
Materials Physics PHYS30025 Module
Mathematical Physics 202 PHYS23020 Module
Mechanics, Oscillations and Quantum Mechanics I PHYS20028 Module
Methods of Theoretical Physics PHYS38014 Module
Methods of Theoretical Physics 2 PHYS20006 Module
Methods of Theoretical Physics 3 PHYS30015 Module
Modern Optics 315 PHYS31500 Module
Nanophysics PHYS32600 Module
Nanoscience Skills and Training Assignment PHYSM0001 Module
Nuclear and Particle Physics PHYS22040 Module
Nuclear Fuel Cycle PHYSM0025 Module
Nuclear Reactor Physics PHYSM0024 Module
Particle Physics PHYS32012 Module
Partner Placement in Condensed Matter Physics PHYSM0035 Module
PHYS20029: Electromagnetism, Waves and Quantum Mechanics II PHYS20029 Module
Physics Dissertation 333 PHYS38331 Module
Physics Education 333 PHYS39332 Module
Physics Laboratory PHYS10004 Module
Physics Project 333 PHYS39330 Module
Physics Research Project PHYSM3406 Module
Physics Research Project 432 PHYSM3200 Module
Physics Techniques PHYSM0015 Module
Physics World 301 PHYS38010 Module
Practical Physics 201 PHYS29010 Module
Practical Physics 202 PHYS29020 Module
Practical Physics 203 PHYS29030 Module
Practical Physics 212 PHYS29031 Module
Practical Physics 301 PHYS39010 Module
Practical Physics 303 PHYS39030 Module
Practical Physics Additional Laboratory PHYS30026 Module
Preliminary Physics A - Mechanics, Waves and Optics PHYS10003 Module
Preliminary Physics B - Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics and Atomic Physics PHYS10002 Module
Problem Solving Skills in Physics PHYS00002 Module
Quantum Engineering Cohort Project PHYSM0016 Module
Quantum Engineering Individual Project A PHYSM0017 Module
Quantum Engineering Individual Project B PHYSM0018 Module
Quantum Engineering MRes Report PHYSM0044 Module
Quantum Engineering Team Project PHYSM0021 Module
Quantum Light and Matter PHYSM0042 Module
Quantum Mechanics 202 PHYS22050 Module
Quantum Optics PHYSM0019 Module
Quantum Physics 301 PHYS32011 Module
Quantum Platforms PHYSM0020 Module
Relativistic Field Theory PHYSM3417 Module
Research Project PHYSM0013 Module
Semiconductor Physics PHYSM2100 Module
Skills for Science 301 PHYS38011 Module
Soft and Active Matter PHYSM0037 Module
Solid State Physics 3021 PHYS30021 Module
Stars and Planets 106 PHYS10600 Module
Stellar Structure and Evolution 301 PHYS34013 Module
Student Seminar 431 PHYSM3100 Module
Study Skills in Physics PHYS00200 Module
Surface Physics PHYSM0007 Module
The Physics of Gas and Plasma in the Universe PHYSM3409 Module
The Physics of Novel Materials (Core lectures I) PHYSM0011 Module
The Physics of Phase Transitions. PHYSM0300 Module
The Physics of Radiation PHYSM3410 Module
Theoretical Modelling and Simulation (Core lectures III) PHYSM0012 Module
Theoretical Particle Physics PHYSM0800 Module
Topics in Quantum Engineering PHYSM0043 Module
Topics in Quantum Engineering PHYSM0022 Module
Year Abroad PHYS39000 Module
Year Abroad PHYS39001 Module
Year Abroad - research strand with distance learning PHYS30023 Module
Year Abroad - taught strand with distance learning PHYS30022 Module

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