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Active Vision PSYC31047 Module
Advanced Animal Learning and Cognition PSYCM0073 Module
Advanced Consciousness and Psychology PSYCM0047 Module
Advanced Developmental Disorders of Communication PSYCM0051 Module
Advanced Drug Use and Addiction PSYCM0072 Module
Advanced Evolutionary Psychology PSYCM0046 Module
Advanced Genes and Behaviour PSYCM0065 Module
Advanced Human Factors Psychology PSYCM0066 Module
Advanced Issues in Social Psychology PSYCM0054 Module
Advanced Neuropsychiatry PSYCM0048 Module
Advanced Nutrition and Behaviour PSYCM0049 Module
Advanced Psychological Experiments and Statistics PSYC21026 Module
Advanced Psychology of Language PSYCM0052 Module
Advanced Research Project PSYCM0053 Module
Advanced Social Neuroscience PSYCM0076 Module
Animal Learning and Cognition PSYC30021 Module
Applied Clinical Neuropsychology and Principles of Neuropsychological Assessment PSYCM0045 Module
Applied Clinical Psychology PSYCM0030 Module
Applied Neuropsychology PSYCM0017 Module
Apprenticeship in Psychological Research PSYCM0043 Module
Assessment in Clinical Neuropsychology PSYCM0026 Module
Biological Psychology PSYC20004 Module
Biological Psychology (Conversion) PSYCM0058 Module
Brain and Cognition PSYC20007 Module
Brain and Cognition (Conversion) PSYCM0074 Module
Case Study PSYCM0069 Module
Clinical Neuropsychology PSYCM0025 Module
Clinical Practice Dissertation PSYCM0057 Module
Clinical Practice Portfolio PSYCM0064 Module
Clinical Practice Project PSYCM0077 Module
Clinical Psychology PSYC30015 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience PSYC30026 Module
Cognitive Psychology PSYC20002 Module
Cognitive Psychology (Conversion) PSYCM0059 Module
Communicating Science PSYCM0042 Module
Consciousness and Psychology PSYC31050 Module
Contemporary Issues in Psychology PSYC30016 Module
Continuing Psychological Research Methods PSYC20006 Module
Creating Psychological Experiments PSYCM0056 Module
Current Topics in Psychological Science PSYC30023 Module
Development and Rehabilitation PSYCM0027 Module
Development, Rehabilitation, Evidence Based Neuropsychology and Principles of Clinical Statistics PSYCM0037 Module
Developmental Disorders of Communication PSYC31049 Module
Developmental Psychology PSYCM0019 Module
Developmental Psychology and Language PSYC20003 Module
Developmental Psychology and Language (Conversion) PSYCM0061 Module
Developmental Science PSYC30025 Module
Dissertation PSYCM1000 Module
Dissertation (Conversion) PSYCM0071 Module
Drug Use and Addiction PSYC30020 Module
Ecology of Vision PSYC31044 Module
Evidence Based Neuropsychology PSYCM0068 Module
Evidence Based Neuropsychology PSYCM0028 Module
Evolutionary Psychology PSYC30001 Module
Foundations of Psychology PSYC10004 Module
Functional Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience Methods PSYCM0016 Module
Functional Neuroanatomy, Neuroscience Methods and Issues in Neuropsychology PSYCM0034 Module
Further Psychological Research Methods PSYC30024 Module
Generic Research Skills PSYCM0038 Module
Genes and Behaviour PSYC30018 Module
Health, Illness and Disability PSYCM0029 Module
Human Factors Psychology PSYC30019 Module
Individual and Social Cognition PSYC20008 Module
Individual and Social Cognition (Conversion) PSYCM0075 Module
Intermediate Psychological Experiments and Statistics PSYC20005 Module
Introduction to Biological Psychology PSYC10009 Module
Introduction to Cognitive and Biological Psychology PSYC10013 Module
Introduction to Cognitive Psychology PSYC10006 Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology PSYC10008 Module
Introduction to Psychological Experiments and Statistics PSYC10002 Module
Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology PSYC10012 Module
Introduction to Social Psychology PSYC10007 Module
Issues in Psychology PSYCM0006 Module
Issues in Social Psychology PSYC30017 Module
Language, Memory, and Development PSYCM0014 Module
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Summer School PSYCM0031 Module
Measuring Human Experience PSYCM0079 Module
Myths and Misconceptions about Psychology PSYC10005 Module
Neuropsychiatry PSYC31053 Module
Neuropsychological Analysis Tools PSYCM0044 Module
Neuropsychological Approaches in Clinics and Research PSYCM0040 Module
Nutrition and Behaviour PSYC31052 Module
Psycholinguistics PSYCM0013 Module
Psychological Experiments and Statistics PSYC21025 Module
Psychological Research Methods PSYC10010 Module
Psychological Research Methods PSYCM0070 Module
Psychological Research Methods (Conversion) 1 PSYCM0081 Module
Psychological Research Methods (Conversion) 2 PSYCM0082 Module
Psychological Research Methods and Statistics PSYCM0062 Module
Psychological Statistics and Research Tools PSYCM0041 Module
Psychology of Language PSYC31051 Module
Research Project PSYCM0055 Module
Research Project Major PSYC31013 Module
Research Project Minor PSYC31014 Module
Science of Happiness PSYC10014 Module
Social Neuroscience PSYC30022 Module
Social Psychology and Individual Differences PSYC20001 Module
Social Psychology and Individual Differences (Conversion) PSYCM0060 Module
Theoretical and Clinical Neuropsychology. PSYCM0035 Module
Theoretical and Clinical Neuropsychology. PSYCM0067 Module
Theoretical Neuropsychology PSYCM0018 Module
Theory and Practice in Neuropsychological Research PSYCM0039 Module

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