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Advanced Anaesthesia and Analgesia VETS30015 Module
Advanced Medical Nursing VETS30013 Module
Advanced Scientific Method and Application VETS33002 Module
Advanced Surgical Nursing VETS30014 Module
AGEP-Accelerated Professional Studies 1 VETS10016 Module
AGEP-Animal Systems 1 VETS10015 Module
AGEP-Animal Systems 2 and Professional Life VETS10017 Module
Anaesthesia and Fluid Therapy in Veterinary Practice VETS20007 Module
Animal Behaviour VETS23000 Module
Animal Behaviour 3 VETS33000 Module
Animal Disease 1 VETS20016 Module
Animal Disease 2 VETS30028 Module
Animal Health Science 1 VETS10012 Module
Animal Health Science 2 VETS20014 Module
Animal Health Science Foundation VETS10013 Module
Animal Management 1 VETS10300 Module
Animal Management 2 VETS20015 Module
Animal Production and the Meat Chain (Distance Learning) VETSM0014 Module
Animal Systems and Professional Life 1 VETS10018 Module
Animal Welfare VETSM0003 Module
Animal Welfare VETSM0022 Module
Animal Welfare 1 VETS23001 Module
Animal Welfare and Disease VETS33001 Module
Animal Welfare Assessment: Theory, Training and Practice (Dairy Cattle) VETSM0046 Module
Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law: Applying the Theory VETSM0013 Module
Applied Medical Nursing and Anaesthesia VETS30024 Module
Applied Surgical Nursing and Analgesia VETS30023 Module
Applied Clinical Veterinary Nursing VETS30036 Module
Assessing Animal Welfare VETSM0044 Module
Basic Clinical Science VETS30006 Module
Behaviour, Welfare, Ethics and Law for Wildlife Professionals VETSM0043 Module
Biochemistry and Meat Quality VETSM0002 Module
Biology of Behaviour and Welfare VETSM0041 Module
Captive Wildlife Management VETSM0039 Module
Classroom to Clinic VETS30027 Module
Clinical Nursing Practice VETS20021 Module
Clinical Nursing Practice VETS20022 Module
Clinical Nursing Practice VETS20030 Module
Clinical Pathology 1 (Haematology and Cytology) VETSM0055 Module
Clinical Pathology 2 (Biochemistry and endocrinology) VETSM0056 Module
Clinical Skills in Companion Animal Behaviour VETS30037 Module
Clinical Veterinary Nursing Theory VETS20019 Module
Clinical Veterinary Science VETS30020 Module
Clinical Veterinary Science 1 VETS30030 Module
Clinical Veterinary Science 1 VETS30038 Module
Clinical Veterinary Science 2 VETS30031 Module
Clinical Veterinary Science 3 VETS30033 Module
Communicating and Facilitating in Animal Management VETSM0045 Module
Companion Animal Behaviour VETS20018 Module
Companion Animal Science VETS34019 Module
Core Skills (Distance Learning) VETS30001 Module
Core Skills 2 (Distance Learning) VETSM0029 Module
Dissertation VETS30019 Module
Dissertation VETS33003 Module
Equine Practice 1 VETSM0054 Module
Equine Practice 2 VETSM0053 Module
Ethics and Welfare VETS23005 Module
Farm Animal Science VETS34018 Module
Introduction to Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law VETSM0035 Module
Meat Hygiene and Public Health VETSM0005 Module
Meat Hygiene and Public Health (Distance Learning) VETSM0017 Module
Meat Processing VETSM0006 Module
Medical Nursing, Diagnostics and Therapeutics VETS23006 Module
Microbiology VETS30002 Module
One Health VETS30034 Module
Pathological and Epidemiological Mechanisms of Disease VETS30022 Module
Pathological Basis of Disease VETS30008 Module
Pharmacology and Therapeutics VETS30005 Module
Population Medicine and One Health VETS30007 Module
Poultry Processing (Distance Learning) VETSM0015 Module
Pre-Clinical Science VETS10005 Module
Primary Nursing Care and Communication VETS10004 Module
Principles and Practice of Primary Veterinary Nursing VETS10014 Module
Principles of Animal Care and Nursing VETS10003 Module
Principles of Refrigeration and Heat Processing (Distance Learning) VETSM0018 Module
Professional Studies 1 VETS14000 Module
Professional Studies 2 VETS24000 Module
Professional Studies 3 VETS24001 Module
Professional Studies 4 VETS36000 Module
Professional Studies 5 VETS36001 Module
Professional Veterinary Nursing Practice VETS20023 Module
Professional Veterinary Nursing Practice VETS20017 Module
Research Component 2 VETS30032 Module
Research Methods and Dissertation VETS30035 Module
Research Project VETSM0009 Module
Research Project VETSM0040 Module
Research Project VETSM0026 Module
Research Project (Distance Learning) VETSM0033 Module
Research Project (Distance Learning) VETSM0016 Module
Research Skills VETSM0042 Module
Scientific Method and Ethics 2 VETS23002 Module
Small animal practice 1 VETSM0052 Module
Small animal practice 2 VETSM0047 Module
Surgical Nursing and Theatre Practice VETS20005 Module
Unit 1, Clinical Research Project VETSM0048 Module
Unit 1: Study Skills VETS10006 Module
Unit 2, Clinical Skills a VETSM0049 Module
Unit 2: Ethology, genetics and the development of behaviour VETS10007 Module
Unit 3, Clinical Skills b VETSM0050 Module
Unit 3: Understanding learning theory and its application to behaviour modification and training VETS10008 Module
Unit 4, Clinical Skills c VETSM0051 Module
Unit 4: Stress, welfare and the influence of disease and diet on behaviour VETS10009 Module
Unit 5: Case studies VETS10011 Module
Veterinary Pathology 1 VETS30025 Module
Veterinary Pathology 2 VETS30026 Module
Veterinary Practice Management VETS23004 Module
Veterinary Public Health VETS34022 Module
Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation VETSM0037 Module
Wildlife Conservation VETSM0038 Module
Wildlife Diseases and Integrated Health VETSM0036 Module
Work Placement VETS23003 Module

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BVSc Year 1: Animal Health and the Veterinary Profession (VETS10022) Teaching blocks 1 & 2 2023/24 18/03/2024 10:04:45
VESC 15/01/2020 14:45:28
Veterinary Science (BVSc) Year 2 Teaching blocks 1 & 2 2023/24 04/04/2024 15:35:09
Veterinary Science (BVSc) Year 3 Teaching blocks 1 & 2 2023/24 04/04/2024 15:44:45
Veterinary Science (BVSc) Years 4 and 5 Teaching blocks 1 & 2 2023/24 04/04/2024 15:18:26