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Creativity and Innovation INOV30001 Module
Creativity and Innovation INOVM0011 Module
Design and Systems Thinking for Innovation INOV10001 Module
Enterprise Case INOVM0014 Module
Enterprise Case INOV30002 Module
How to be Creative UNIV10004 Module
In the Wild INOVM0001 Module
Inequality, Crisis and Prosperity: How to Make Sense of the Global Economy UNIV10003 Module
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise INOVM0013 Module
New Venture Creation INOVM0002 Module
New Venture Creation INOV30004 Module
Past, Present and Futures INOV20001 Module
Transdisciplinary Group Project 1: Being Human INOV10002 Module
Transdisciplinary Group Project 2: Solving Someones Problem INOV20002 Module
Transdisciplinary Group Project 3: Doing something completely new INOV30003 Module
Transdisciplinary Group Project 4: Building a Demonstrator INOVM0003 Module
Understanding global problems using data: inequality, climate change and the economy UNIV10008 Module
User Research INOVM0025 Module

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