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Assisted Reproductive Technologies MEDIM4004 Module
Bristol Clinical Data Exam MEDI30009 Module
Clerking Portfolio MEDI30016 Module
Clinical Competence Assessment MEDI30023 Module
Combined Year 4 OSCE MEDI30014 Module
Community Orientated Medical Practice 1 MEDI34110 Module
Community Orientated Medical Practice 2 MEDI34120 Module
Dissertation MEDI30004 Module
Dissertation MEDIM0300 Module
Elective SSC MEDI35110 Module
Final Year OSCE/DOSCE MEDI35170 Module
Final Year Written MEDI35160 Module
Gametogenesis to Implantation MEDIM4001 Module
Human Basis of Medicine MEDI11110 Module
Introduction to Clinical Skills MEDI22121 Module
Learning in the Hospital Environment (LiTHE) MEDI20006 Module
Medicine and Surgery A MEDI23110 Module
Medicine and Surgery B MEDI23120 Module
Molecular and Cellular Basis of Medicine MEDI11120 Module
Musculoskeletal Diseases, Emergency Medicine and Ophthalmology MEDI23140 Module
Objective Long Cases MEDI30010 Module
Pathology & Ethics MEDI30007 Module
Pathology, Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care MEDI30013 Module
Preparing for Professional Practice MEDI35190 Module
Prescribing Safety Assessment MEDI30012 Module
Project MEDIM4200 Module
Project MEDIM4100 Module
Project Proposal in Health Sciences MEDIM0016 Module
Psychiatry, Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care MEDI30017 Module
Reproductive Health and Care of the Newborn MEDI34130 Module
Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology MEDIM4000 Module
Research Club in Health Sciences MEDIM0017 Module
Research Methods in Bioethics MEDI30003 Module
Research Project in Health Sciences MEDIM0015 Module
Senior Medicine and Surgery MEDI35180 Module
SSC1 (Group) MEDI20009 Module
SSC2 (Library) MEDI20010 Module
Statistics & Research Methods MEDIM4003 Module
Supervised Individual Study (Unit 224) MEDIM0224 Module
Systems of the Body 1 MEDI10006 Module
Systems of the Body 2 MEDI20003 Module
Systems of the Body 3 MEDI20004 Module
Unit 1 - Principles of Neuroscience MEDIM7007 Module
Year 1 - HBOM - Clinical Epidemiology element MEDI10004 Module
Year 1 - HBOM - Ethics and Law in Medicine element MEDI10002 Module
Year 1 - HBOM - Introduction to Primary Care element MEDI10005 Module
Year 1 - HBOM - Society Health & Medicine element MEDI10003 Module
Year 1 - HBOM - Whole Person Care element MEDI10001 Module
Year 2 - Disability, disadvantage and diversity vertical theme MEDI20002 Module
Year 2 External SSC MEDI22130 Module
Year 2 External SSC 2 MEDI22131 Module
Year 2 Form & Function assessment MEDI20008 Module
Year 2 Written assessment MEDI20007 Module
Year 2 Written Paper 1 MEDI20012 Module
Year 3 Clinical assessment MEDI30019 Module
Year 3 Ethics assessment MEDI30020 Module
Year 3 External SSC MEDI33150 Module
Year 3 Junior Medicine & Surgery MEDI30021 Module
Year 3 OSCE assessment MEDI30024 Module
Year 3 Written assessment MEDI30018 Module
Year 3 Written Paper 1 MEDI30027 Module
Year 3 Written Paper 2 MEDI30028 Module
Year 4 External SSC MEDI34150 Module
Year 4 Written Assessment MEDI30022 Module
Year 4 Written Paper 1 MEDI30029 Module
Year 4 Written Paper 2 MEDI30030 Module
Year 5 Applied Knowledge Test MEDI30026 Module

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