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Assessment and Evaluation MEEDM0026 Module
Clinical and Workplace-Based Teaching MEEDM0005 Module
Clinical based Education MEEDM0025 Module
Coaching and Mentoring in the Health Professions (Unit 219) MEEDM0013 Module
Core Unit 1: Teaching, Learning and Assessing in the Health Professions. MEEDM0009 Module
Core Unit 2: Creating a Learning Environment to Support Learner Diversity MEEDM0002 Module
Core Unit 3: Further Assessment and Feedback MEEDM0003 Module
Core Unit 4: Further Planning and Teaching MEEDM0004 Module
Course Design MEEDM0008 Module
Developing Professionalism (Unit 232) MEEDM0010 Module
Effective Communication Skills Development MEEDM0019 Module
Effective Communication Skills Development (Unit 216) MEDIM0216 Module
Essentials introduction MEEDM0028 Module
Evidence Based Teaching MEEDM0007 Module
Exploring contemporary issues in Health Care Professional Education MEEDM0029 Module
Introduction to Learning and Teaching MEEDM0027 Module
Language and discourse: teaching effective communication MEEDM0023 Module
Leading in Education and Training (Unit 231) MEEDM0015 Module
Professionalism: defining, teaching and assessing MEEDM0020 Module
Research Methods MEEDM0001 Module
Research Methods (DL) MEEDM0043 Module
Supervised Individual Study (Unit 225) MEDIM0225 Module
Supporting Learners with Difficulties MEEDM0006 Module
Supporting the Struggling Professional (Unit 233) MEEDM0012 Module
Teaching and Learning using Simulators (Unit 217) MEEDM0014 Module
Teaching Ethics and Law in the Health Professions (Unit 213) MEEDM0011 Module
TEL in Education (212) MEEDM0018 Module
The Arts & Humanities in Medical and Healthcare Education MEEDM0021 Module

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