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Advanced French UWLP20002 Module
Advanced German UWLP20004 Module
Advanced Japanese UWLP30003 Module
Advanced Language MODLM2040 Module
Advanced Language 2 MODLM0001 Module
Advanced Spanish UWLP20006 Module
American Fiction that Matters: US Writing in 'The American Century' MODL23012 Module
Ancients and moderns: cultures of humanism in Renaissance Europe MODL30002 Module
Anguish in Eden: Foundations of American Prose Writing MODL23011 Module
Applied Translation (Czech) MODLM2026 Module
Applied Translation (French) MODLM2018 Module
Applied Translation (German) MODLM2027 Module
Applied Translation (Italian) MODLM2028 Module
Applied Translation (Mandarin) MODLM0007 Module
Applied Translation (Portuguese) MODLM2029 Module
Applied Translation (Russian) MODLM2030 Module
Applied Translation (Spanish) MODLM2031 Module
Applied Translation - (Mandarin) MODLM2069 Module
Beginners Portuguese for Visiting Students UWLP10033 Module
Beginners Brazilian Portuguese UWLP10007 Module
Beginners Catalan UWLP10025 Module
Beginners Czech UWLP10017 Module
Beginners French UWLP10001 Module
Beginners French for Visiting Students UWLP10032 Module
Beginners German UWLP10004 Module
Beginners German for Visiting Students UWLP10027 Module
Beginners Italian UWLP10014 Module
Beginners Japanese UWLP10012 Module
Beginners Korean UWLP10018 Module
Beginners Mandarin Chinese UWLP10013 Module
Beginners Modern Standard Arabic UWLP10008 Module
Beginners Portuguese MODL20022 Module
Beginners Portuguese UWLP10026 Module
Beginners Russian UWLP10016 Module
Beginners Russian for Visiting Students UWLP10028 Module
Beginners Spanish UWLP10009 Module
Beginners Spanish for Visiting Students UWLP10034 Module
Black Humanities II MODLM0044 Module
Black Humanities Option Unit MODLM0032 Module
Black Humanities: Arts, Texts and Contexts MODLM0035 Module
Black Humanities: Research Skills MODLM0037 Module
Black Humanities: What, Why and How MODLM0036 Module
CAT Tools MODLM0013 Module
Catalan Language (Elementary) MODL23014 Module
Catalan Language (follow-on) MODL30011 Module
Cinema and Revolution MODL20020 Module
City Futures: Migration, Citizenship, and Planetary Change UNIV10005 Module
Classics of European Cinema MODL10010 Module
Communism in Europe MODL30001 Module
Comparative Literature: What is it and how can we practise it? MODL10016 Module
Computer-Aided Translation MODLM2016 Module
Computer-Aided Translation II MODLM0039 Module
Computer-Assisted Translation MODLM0048 Module
Concepts in Audiovisual Translation MODLM0042 Module
Contemporary British Cinema MODL30007 Module
Contemporary European Cinema MODL10009 Module
Contemporary Global Chinese Literature and Visual Arts MODLM0050 Module
Cultural Encounters MODLM0002 Module
Czech Language (Elementary) MODL23015 Module
Czech Language (follow-on) MODL30012 Module
Dissertation MODLM0012 Module
Dissertation (Comparative Literatures and Cultures) MODLM0019 Module
Dissertation (MA European Literatures) MODLM2039 Module
Dissertation (MA Modern Languages) MODLM2047 Module
Dissertation (MA Translation Jan intake) MODLM0029 Module
Dissertation (MA Translation) MODLM2037 Module
Dissertation Black Humanities MODLM0038 Module
Environmental Entanglements: Issues in Ecocriticsm MODL30032 Module
European Crime Fiction MODL30014 Module
Extended Essay MODL20009 Module
Follow-on French UWLP20001 Module
Follow-on German UWLP20003 Module
Follow-on Italian UWLP20010 Module
Follow-on Spanish UWLP20005 Module
Foreign Language Skills for Graduate Students MODLM0020 Module
Foreign Language Skills for Postgraduate Students (Advanced) MODLM0031 Module
Foreign Language Skills for Postgraduate Students (Beginners and Intermediate) MODLM0030 Module
Foreign Language Skills for Semester Abroad Students MODL20018 Module
French FREN Department
French for Medical Studies Level 1 Grade 1 UWLP10019 Module
Game Localization MODLM0028 Module
Gender in Post-Socialist Central and Eastern Europe MODL20011 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Cinema MODL30018 Module
General Linguistics MODL20016 Module
German GERM Department
Global Cultures of the Book MODLM0015 Module
Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies HILA Department
Historical Linguistics MODL20017 Module
Histories of Translation MODL30023 Module
History of the USA Before 1865 MODL23009 Module
History of the USA Since 1865 MODL23010 Module
Independent Study 1 MODL30005 Module
Institutions of Culture MODLM0022 Module
Intercultural Communication Competence in a Globalised World MODL30024 Module
Intermediate French UWLP10003 Module
Intermediate German UWLP10006 Module
Intermediate Japanese UWLP30001 Module
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese UWLP30002 Module
Intermediate Spanish UWLP10011 Module
Introduction to CAT Tools MODLM0041 Module
Introduction to Liaison Interpreting MODLM0027 Module
Introduction to Liaison Interpreting MODLM0014 Module
Introduction to Linguistics MODL23013 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (Czech) MODLM2075 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (French) MODLM2074 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (German) MODLM2076 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (Italian) MODLM2077 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (Mandarin) MODLM0008 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (Mandarin) MODLM2081 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (Portuguese) MODLM2078 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (Russian) MODLM2079 Module
Introduction to Specialised Translation (Spanish) MODLM2080 Module
Introduction to teaching Modern Languages as Foreign Languages MODL20021 Module
Introduction to the Study of Cultures MODL10011 Module
Italian ITAL Department
Italian for General Purposes Level 1 Grade 3 (post A'Level) LANG10018 Module
Japanese for General Purposes (ab-initio) LANG11046 Module
Japanese for General Purposes (post-intermediate) LANG32046 Module
Japanese for General Purposes Intermediate LANG31046 Module
Korean Level 1 Grade 1 LANG10017 Module
Language (Advanced) MODL10014 Module
Language and Society in the Present and Past MODLM0017 Module
Language for General Purposes (Ab-initio Mandarin Chinese) LANG11047 Module
Liaison Interpreting MODL30006 Module
Liaison Interpreting for Business MODLM0026 Module
Memory and History in the Twentieth Century MODL20010 Module
Modern Languages and English Dissertation MODL30029 Module
Modern Languages and History Dissertation MODL30025 Module
Modernity as an Islamic Project MODL30021 Module
National Media through a Transnational Lens MODL2SH01 Module
Pan-Africanism: ideas and archives MODL30026 Module
Pan-Africanisms: History and Cultural Politics of Black Unity MODLM0033 Module
Political Systems of Modern Europe MODL20008 Module
Popular Representation and Institutions of Culture MODL20026 Module
Post-Beginners Brazilian Portuguese UWLP20007 Module
Post-Beginners French UWLP10002 Module
Post-Beginners French for Visiting Students UWLP10030 Module
Post-Beginners German UWLP10005 Module
Post-Beginners German for visiting students UWLP10031 Module
Post-Beginners Italian UWLP10015 Module
Post-Beginners Russian UWLP20011 Module
Post-Beginners Spanish UWLP10010 Module
Post-Beginners Spanish for Visiting Students UWLP10029 Module
Prague: A Tale of Three Cities MODL20019 Module
Prague: A Tale of Three Cities MODL30017 Module
Pre-intermediate Japanese UWLP20008 Module
Pre-intermediate Mandarin Chinese UWLP20009 Module
Principles of subtitling MODLM0010 Module
Queer Lives MODLM0070 Module
Reception Studies MODLM0024 Module
Regional and Minority Languages MODLM0018 Module
Reimagining Odysseus MODL30019 Module
Research Skills MODLM0021 Module
Russian RUSS Department
Sociolinguistic Anthropology MODL30016 Module
Sociolinguistics: Language Variation and Change MODL30015 Module
Space, Comparison and Empire MODLM0051 Module
Sports and Societies in South America: 1860-1930 HISP30097 Module
Supervised Individual Study MODLM2014 Module
Supervised Individual Study 2 MODLM2066 Module
Teaching Modern Languages as a Foreign Language MODL30013 Module
The Cultural heritage of Historic Towns and Cities in Europe and Beyond MODL30027 Module
The Cultural Imagination of Gender MODLM0023 Module
The History and Legacies of Slavery: Bristol and The World MODLM0034 Module
The Italian City: Medieval and Early Modern Cultures MODL30020 Module
The Radical Right: Nationalism and Fascism in Europe (1870-1939) MODL30003 Module
The Rise of the Novel in 19th-Century Europe MODLM2035 Module
The Translation Industry MODLM2017 Module
Theatre and Performance MODL23021 Module
Theories of Translation MODLM0005 Module
Theories of Translation MODLM2015 Module
Theories of Translation (2) MODLM0006 Module
Theories of Translation 2 MODLM2036 Module
Theories of Visual Culture: Text and Image MODLM2048 Module
Theorizing Violence: Colonial Encounters and Anticolonial Reactions MODLM0025 Module
Tradition and Experimentation in Twentieth-Century European Fiction MODLM2034 Module
Translating in a Professional Context MODL30010 Module
Translation and International Film Distribution MODLM0040 Module
Translation for Subtitling MODLM0009 Module
Translation Industry Today MODLM0011 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis I: Chinese MODLM0053 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis I: French MODLM0056 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis I: Italian MODLM0057 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis I: Mandarin MODLM0058 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis I: Portuguese MODLM0059 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis I: Spanish MODLM0061 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis II: Chinese MODLM0054 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis II: French MODLM0062 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis II: German MODLM0063 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis II: Italian MODLM0064 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis II: Mandarin MODLM0065 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis II: Portuguese MODLM0066 Module
Translation Practice and Analysis II: Spanish MODLM0068 Module
Transnational Narrative in pre-modern cultures MODL30041 Module
Woman and Nation MODL23017 Module
Women and Nation MODL20023 Module
World Cinemas: from national to transnational MODL23016 Module
Year Abroad (3 Language Pathway) MODL20013 Module
Year Abroad TB-1 MODL20014 Module
Year Abroad TB-2 MODL20015 Module

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